Subroutine Library

The Repository subroutine library provides read-only access to Repository information. The routines in the library are useful any time you need information about repository data at runtime. They are most often used during development, but they may also be used, for example, to construct UI input windows at runtime. See Repository subroutine library sample programs for some examples.

DD_ALIAS - Retrieve alias information

DD_CONTROL - Retrieve control record information

DD_ENUM - Retrieve enumeration information

DD_EXIT - Terminate an information session

DD_FIELD - Retrieve field information

DD_FILE - Retrieve file information

DD_FILESPEC - Retrieve file specifications

DD_FORMAT - Retrieve format information

DD_INIT - Initialize an information session

DD_KEY - Retrieve key information

DD_NAME - Retrieve a list of definition names

DD_RELATION - Retrieve relation information

DD_STRUCT - Retrieve structure information

DD_TAG - Retrieve tag information

DD_TEMPLATE - Retrieve template information

Repository subroutine library sample programs