Modify ISAM file configuration parameters

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows
WNSupported in Synergy .NET on Windows
USupported on UNIX


xcall ISCONFIG(channel, "FILTXT", buffer)



A channel number opened to an ISAM file. (n)


Specifies that the file text string in the ISAM file should be changed to the text in buffer. (a)


The new text string for the ISAM file. (a)


The ISCONFIG routine modifies the ISAM file opened on the specified channel: The file text string in the ISAM file is updated to the text specified in buffer. If the length of the text in buffer is longer than the file text size specified when the ISAM file was created, an IRCSIZ error occurs.


In the following example, the text string for myfile.ism will be changed to “New text string”.

open(1, o, "TT:")
open(2, u:i, "myfile.ism")
xcall isinfoa(oldtxt, 2, "FILTXT")
writes(1, "oldtxt = {" + %atrim(oldtxt) + "}")
xcall isconfig(2, "FILTXT", "New text string")
xcall isinfoa(newtxt, 2, "FILTXT")
writes(1, "newtxt = {" + %atrim(newtxt) + "}")
close 2
close 1