Generate error traceback

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows


USupported on UNIX
VSupported on OpenVMS
status = %ERR_TRACEBACK(err_text[, clearall])

Return value


One of the following values: (n)

1 = (True) Traceback information is available.

0 = (False) The clearall option was used, or no further traceback information is available.



The associated error text. (a)


(optional) Any nonzero value, which clears all traceback information. (n)


Err_text has a maximum of 256 characters.

%ERR_TRACEBACK returns error information in first in, first out order, so the location of the error is the first piece of information returned. If %ERR_TRACEBACK returns false, no additional information is returned.

When the optional clearall argument is used, the err_text argument may be omitted as long as a placeholder comma is used.

%ERR_TRACEBACK is for use with $ERR_CATCH and is mandatory to clean up memory. It should always be used in a loop, as shown below, to return all lines of traceback information:

while (%err_traceback(error_description))
    writes(logfile_chan, error_description)

See Error catching for more information about $ERR_CATCH and for a more detailed example.