Write out modified I/O buffers




VSupported on OpenVMS

EMPBUF is deprecated; we recommend you use the FLUSH statement instead.

xcall EMPBUF(channel)



An expression that evaluates the channel number specified in a previous OPEN statement. (n)


The EMPBUF subroutine writes out all modified I/O buffers associated with the file or device opened on the specified channel.

The EMPBUF subroutine uses the RMS service call $FLUSH to instruct the file system to flush its buffers. The file system and the device, however, determine whether EMPBUF physically writes out the buffers. If records were locked on a previous operation, they remain locked.

See also


store(5, rec1)                  ;Write out important stuff to file
store(5, rec2)
xcall empbuf(5)                 ;Make sure records have been flushed to disk