Create an instance of a .NET type

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows




object = new DotNetObject(assembly, type[, arg ...]])



The returned object instance (@DotNetObject).


The assembly in which this component is found.


An alphanumeric fully qualified type name, which includes the type’s namespace but not its assembly name.


(optional) One or more constructor arguments.


A constructor for the specified type will be invoked based upon the arg arguments passed. See DotNetObject.Call for a description of how arguments are converted to .NET types.

To directly load a System type (for example, System.String) using this API, the corresponding .NET assembly must be loaded in order to retrieve a DotNetAssembly object that corresponds to it, even though this system assembly was already loaded automatically when the CLR was loaded. The search for type is case-sensitive.

If the type cannot be found in the specified assembly or it is not public, an $ERR_MISSFLD error will occur.


The example below initializes a new instance of System.Windows.Forms.Form. See Sample programs for an example in the context of a complete program.

form = new DotNeObject(asm, "System.Windows.Forms.Form")