WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows
WNSupported in Synergy .NET on Windows
USupported on UNIX
VSupported on OpenVMS
namespace Synergex.SynergyDE.Select
public class RowEnumerator

The RowEnumerator class is the enumerator for a Join.



public Current

Implements a get method that returns the record set identified in the current RowEnumerator object. (@rows)


public Count

Implements a get method that returns the number of joined record sets in the file that match the selection criteria. (int)



public MoveNext(), boolean

Iterates through the RowEnumerator object and returns true until all iterations are exhausted. For xfServer, MoveNext() uses a compressed byte stream to minimize the physical transfer of duplicated rows.


public Reset(), void

Resets the enumerator to its initial position so a Join can be restarted. (The -qrntcompat compiler and linker options must be set to 10030302 or higher to use this feature.)

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