UNIX requirements

Supported platforms

Synergy/DE 10.3.3 is supported on the following UNIX platforms.


System code


HP-UX 64-bit (Itanium)


11i v3 or higher

IBM AIX 32-bit


7.1 or higher c

IBM AIX 64-bit


7.1 or higher c

Linux (x86)a b


CentOS 6.5 or higher

Debian 7 or higher

Fedora 13 or higher

Red Hat RHEL 6 or higher

SUSE 11.3 or higher

Ubuntu 11.10 or higher

Linux (x64)a


Oracle Solaris 32-bit (SPARC)


10 or higher

Oracle Solaris 64-bit (SPARC)


10 or higher

a. If you plan to enable SELinux, see Synergex KnowledgeBase article 100002043.

b. For 32-bit Linux, the minimum processor requirements are a Pentium 4 or Athlon 64 processor supporting SSE2.

c. Synergy/DE 10.3.3e and higher is currently supported on AIX 6.1. However, because IBM no longer supports 6.1, Synergex will soon update its in-house system to 7.1. At that point, updates (including hot fixes and patches) will be available only on AIX 7.1 or higher.





(x86 and x64)


This library is required by the runtime.


This library is required for OpenSSL—used by xfServer/xfServerPlus encryption, data encryption, and Synergy HTTP document transport API. See also OpenSSL requirements.

Oracle Solaris (SPARC) v10



119963 is a shared library patch for the C++ runtime. 118833 is a kernel patch. Both are required by the compiler.

Solaris patches can be downloaded from the My Oracle Support section of the Oracle website.

Be sure to get the most recent revision of the patch. The first six digits are the patch number and the two digits following the hyphen are the revision. More recent revisions than those listed here may be available.

Environment setup

The Synergy environment must be set up for each user who wants to run Synergy/DE products. The necessary environment variables can be set at either the system level or the user level.


Source the setsde script (located in the synergyde directory) to enable the Synergy/DE environment for the products you have installed and licensed. For example,

. ./setsde

You may want to add this script to your start-up file. Setsde can be used with any UNIX shell except csh. Synergex uses ksh; if you do not use ksh, your UNIX shell may require different syntax than that included in the setsde script. See your system administrator for assistance.