option #30

Default terminal definition



USupported on UNIX
VSupported on OpenVMS

System option #30 controls whether the runtime disregards the TERM environment variable in determining what type of terminal you are using.

If you set option #30, the runtime is forced to use the default, built‑in terminal definition regardless of how the TERM environment variable is set. The default terminal definition includes all Compaq VTxxx series capabilities.

If you don’t set this option, the runtime looks at TERM to determine which type of terminal you are using.


VT100 terminals may have a problem with the EC (erase character) termcap code in the Synergy windowing API. We suggest that you use VT102 or greater terminals if you want to use this option.

If you usually use TERM=vt100, setting system option #30 significantly reduces the character output to the terminal on screen clearing and attribute changes, which improves screen painting.