option #16

Quit character



USupported on UNIX
VSupported on OpenVMS

System option #16 maps the quit character to the interrupt character.

If you set option #16, pressing the quit character has the same effect as pressing the interrupt character. For example, on OpenVMS, ctrl+y performs the same function as ctrl+c.

If you don’t set this option, the quit character quits out of the program.

The quit characters and interrupt characters supported by Synergy DBL are listed in Appendix C: Terminal Keys with Special Functions.

On UNIX, if system option #16 is set, when possible, we trap the suspend signal (TSTP) and perform the same action as when we trap interrupt.

On OpenVMS, you can restart the program at the point of interruption by issuing a DCL CONTINUE command.

Option #16 is automatically set if option #35 is set.