Window Manager error

A window error occurred. One of the specific window error messages listed below should be displayed below this error.

Window error messages

The following list shows the window error numbers and their accompanying error text, as well as a description of what may have caused the error. The character n in these messages represents a variable number. Window error messages are displayed as part of an ERTEXT informational error.


The window number n is invalid

The specified window ID is outside the range defined in the MAXWINS constant, or the window is not active.


Window doesn’t fit on screen

You tried to place a window whose display area won’t fit on the screen.


Not enough memory (needed n, had n)

The amount of memory you specified in the POOLSIZE constant wasn’t sufficient for window processing.


Value n not in range n to n

The function requires a decimal argument, and the argument you specified was out of the possible range. For example, this error is generated if you specify a palette number of 17, because only palette numbers 1 through 16 are valid.


Function n not in range n to n

You used an invalid function in an XCALL statement. For example, this error is generated if you try to use a WD_POS function in the W_PROC subroutine.


Not enough arguments

You didn’t supply all the arguments required for the XCALL statement.


Wrong data type

An XCALL argument list contains an alpha argument where a decimal argument is required, or vice versa.


Window name already defined

A WP_CREATE function uses a name that has already been used for another window.


Too many windows (max of [maxwins])

You tried to create a window, but the maximum number of windows has been created.


Input field not completely visible

You tried to obtain input from a portion of a window that is partially or completely occluded by another window.


No field set currently defined

You called the W_FLDS subroutine, and no field set has been created yet with the W7CREATE function.


Transfer area too small

During a WI_XFR transfer function, the destination field wasn’t large enough for the data being transferred.


No user data set currently defined.

A user data set operation (for example, WF_UGET or WF_UPUT) was attempted on a window that doesn’t have a user data set.


One of the following error messages:

The program attempted to create a system menu on a window that does not have a frame that can support one. A system menu is created when you associate a close method with a window. If the window frame doesn’t have a drag bar, the system menu cannot be created. By default, Synergy windows usually have a drag bar, except in the following situations:

A W_RESTORE operation failed (on any platform) because the format of the compressed data was corrupt. This error is most likely to occur in an I_LDINP, M_LDCOL, or U_LDWND routine in the Toolkit, but it can also occur if you call W_SAVE/W_RESTORE directly. If this error occurs, something external to the window system has interfered with the window data (for example, perhaps an external application modified the data stored in a window library).

The ID of an unplaced window was passed to the WIF_UNDER subfunction of %W_INFO.


Toolbar error [error description]

One of the following toolbar errors has occurred:

A TBB_LOAD was attempted using a button name that already exists on this toolbar.

A TBB_GROUP was attempted using a button name that has not been loaded on this toolbar.

A TBB_STATE or TBB_SELECT was attempted using a button name that has not been loaded on this toolbar.

The ID of a toolbar passed to TB_BUTTON or TB_TOOLBAR (for other than TB_CREATE) is not the ID of any known toolbar.

A function name passed as the method argument on a TBB_LOAD is longer than 30 characters.