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Monday, September 19


8:00 am PST

William Mooney | President & CEO

A warm welcome to our second virtual Synergy DevPartner Conference. We will give an update on the new and exciting things happening at Synergex.

Keynote: Containers and Kubernetes: Another Step Forward for Synergy Apps

9:00 am PST

Kelsey Hightower | Principal Engineer & Author

Companies with Synergy-based solutions are successful today because they believed in their proven applications, and they brought them forward as platforms and technologies evolved. Containers and Kubernetes add more confirmation that you took the right path. Containers enable you to create a basic computing wrapper for your application that can run on any infrastructure. Kubernetes is an open-source system for deploying, scaling, and managing your containerized applications. These tools can help you move your deployment infrastructure to a new level of efficiency.

Our keynote speaker and industry expert, Kelsey Hightower, will discuss these topics, as well as “Classic versus Legacy” and the value of evolving what you have versus rewriting or replacing. Plus, he’ll spend time demystifying buzzwords, like what does "cloud native" mean and why should we care?

In addition, Kelsey and Synergex CTO Jeff Greene will sit down to dig deeper into how this deployment evolution will impact your customers and your Synergy applications. You’ll come away better able to navigate the buzzword bingo that typically surrounds new technologies.

Tuesday, September 20

Synergy Update

8:00 am PST

Steve Ives | Senior Consultant

Discover what’s changed in recent Synergy releases, what’s coming up next, and what we’re considering for the future.

Web Services Update (Harmony Core)

9:00 am PST

Jeff Greene | Chief Technology Officer

Since the last conference we’ve been hard at work moving Harmony Core forward. Highlights of this work include

  • .NET 6 support
  • Improved migration utilities
  • Select class improvements
Find out what’s new, what’s coming, and how Harmony Core is being leveraged by other Synergy developers.