Here’s what we presented at this year’s conference.

Monday, May 13

Synergex Today

7:30 am PST

William Mooney | President & CEO, and Rachel Gibson | Director of Sales and Product Marketing

Customers modernizing their apps and optimizing their development environments, products continually evolving to provide access to new technologies, a hybrid workforce and employee promotions, and, oh yeah, the acquisition. Find out what's new at Synergex, including our new owners and their impact, and what's coming up this week at the conference.

Improving Legacy Applications with UX Design​

8:30 am PST

Billy Hollis | Guest Speaker

You don't have to wait for a total rewrite to start using design concepts in your applications. You can improve key parts of your existing apps with the techniques of modern UI and UX design. In this session, guest speaker Billy Hollis will discuss how to apply UX design to incrementally improve existing apps. He’ll look at common areas of existing apps to target for UX enhancement, such as search and workflow. He’ll then lay out a lightweight design process, point you to resources, and show a lot of examples to inspire you to make your business apps more productive, error-free, and modern looking.

Tuesday, May 14

Synergy Product Update

7:30 am PST

Steve Ives | Senior Consultant

Learn about our latest product features, what’s coming next, and what we’re considering for the future. We'll cover Synergy/DE and Synergy DBL Integration (SDI) and help you determine which features you'll want to leverage now and which ones to keep on your radar for future releases.

Development Modernization at Synergex – Lightning Talks

8:30 am PST

Tim Bauguess | Director of Software Development, and Team

Explore the transformation of Synergex development practices through a series of talks led by members from various Synergex teams, showcasing their contributions to modernization.

Wednesday, May 15

Improving Your NET Results

7:30 am PST

Marty Lewis | Staff Software Engineer

The latest offerings from Synergex give you more tools than ever before to interoperate with .NET, APIs, and other modern tools without having to rewrite your code. In this session, we’ll explore what's required to take a terminal application on Linux to the next level.

How to Build Scalable Load Testers

8:30 am PST

Dan Ellis | Solutions Architect

Learn how to create automated tests using Python. Then extend them into load tests to identify bottlenecks in your application—all with a little help from our friend ChatGPT.  

Thursday, May 16

Kafka-fying ISAM: Achieving Operational Resilience and Extensibility

7:30 am PST

Jeff Greene | Chief Technology Officer

Enhance your existing applications by introducing Apache Kafka to complement ISAM file storage. Leverage Kafka to capture and propagate changes, enabling real-time data processing, operational resilience, and seamless integration. Learn architectural patterns and best practices for incrementally adopting Kafka alongside your ISAM files, unlocking new possibilities without disrupting core functionality.

Panel Discussion on AI + Final Thoughts

8:45 am PST

Jeff Greene | Chief Technology Officer, and Rachel Gibson | Director of Sales and Product Marketing 

Join us for a panel discussion on AI at Synergex. Team members will discuss how they've been using AI and how they think AI will impact the future of software development. We'll also wrap up the week and give you an opportunity to ask any final questions before you go.