May 13-16, 2024

Synergy DevPartner Conference

Virtual sessions designed to get you up to date on the latest news and opportunities for your Synergy apps

Thank you for attending this year's conference! You can watch recordings of the presentations on our YouTube channel.

Synergex customers are bringing their applications into the future in many ways: modernizing UI/UX, adding web services, updating middleware, increasing resiliency and availability, enhancing development and delivery processes, and more. At this year's virtual conference, held May 13-16, attendees learned about all the opportunities they have for their Synergy solutions.

Synergy DevPartner Conference 2024

This Year’s Topics

UX Design for Legacy Apps

Learn how to improve key parts of your existing apps with modern UI and UX design.

Synergy Product Updates & Roadmap

Discover what’s new and what’s coming next.

Development Process Modernization

See various ways Synergex has transformed its development practices.

Modernizing with .NET

Delve into how to take a terminal application on Linux to the next level.

Building Scalable Load Testers

Use ChatGPT and Python to create automated tests and identify bottlenecks in your application.

Apache Kafka

Find out how to use Kafka to complement ISAM file storage and achieve operational resilience and extensibility.

Meet Our Keynote Speaker

Billy Hollis

Billy has been developing software for over 30 years, and has acquired a worldwide reputation in software development and architecture. As a developer and consultant, he has developed systems for healthcare, energy, telecommunications, and human resources. As an author, he has written or co-written ten technology books and dozens of magazine articles. As a conference speaker, he has spoken to thousands of software developers at the largest industry events in the Microsoft space, including TechEd, DevConnections, and VSLive.

Billy has been a favorite speaker at past Synergex events, and he's worked with Synergex customers to help them improve their UI and UX. As our conference keynote, Billy will discuss how to apply UX design to incrementally improve legacy apps.

Synergex Speakers

Rachel Gibson

Director of Sales and Marketing

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  • “It's valuable especially if you’re on the cutting edge of Synergy.”

    Adam Coller
  • “The conference presenters showed many solutions to real-world problems developers encounter.”

    Andrew Baker
    Computers Unlimited
  • “The Synergy DevPartner conference is packed full of beneficial information.”

    Brett Welsh
    Rural Computer Consultants, Inc.
  • “Make sure you attend. Your development skills will fall behind quickly if you don't keep up to date with the latest functionality and trends.”

    Christopher Blundell
  • “If your company has new developers on staff with experience in other software development tools, attending these sessions is invaluable.”

    Philip Nicastro
    ASA Automotive Systems, LLC
  • “You must attend!!”

    Ted Jasmin
    Motion Industries