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xfServerPlus is a great product…The implementation took minimal effort, and we are really happy with the end result.”

Michael Hanson
Norman G. Jensen Inc.

“Getting to the web was a rather simple process. We decided to stay with Synergy/DE because of the straightforward interface to our existing Synergy software. By using xfServerPlus we could concentrate on the essence of the matter, namely the development of our new web application.”

Frank Hoedemakers
VASCO bvba

“Using the Synergy/DE xfServerPlus and xfNetLink tools made it easy for us to create a web interface for our existing Synergy software. We look forward to adding new capabilities to our Insite Banking System, such as online bill pay. It’s reassuring that Synergex will be there to back us when that time comes.”

Tim Schmidt
Automated Systems, Inc.

“We weren’t satisfied with the amount of time it was taking to return order information. The xfServerPlus solution was fast and easy to implement, and offered a dramatic decrease in response time. Our previous solution used DecThreads, Digital’s multithreading runtime library, and it took 45 seconds to bring back order information. With xfServerPlus, it’s immediate.”

Paul Martin
BT Shop