Access Remote Synergy Routines and Data

xfServerPlus and xfNetLink enable you to access Synergy routines and data remotely from a .NET, Java, or Synergy client.

The three xfNetLink editions serve as clients to xfServerPlus and provide the ability to access Synergy data from a variety of front-ends:

  • xfNetLink .NET Edition enables access to remote Synergy routines from Microsoft .NET applications, including those written in C#, ASP.NET, and Visual Basic.
  • xfNetLink Java Edition enables access to remote Synergy routines from Java-capable environments, including Java applications, JavaServer Pages, and Java applets.
  • xfNetLink Synergy Edition allows client applications written in Synergy DBL to execute remote Synergy routines.

By supporting industry-standard technologies and languages, xfServerPlus enables you to update your existing Synergy applications with a modern UI or extend the reach of your applications to the Web without rewriting your existing logic.

xfServerPlus uses a proprietary data transfer protocol, similar to RPC (Remote Procedure Call), to speed network communication and handle the remote execution of Synergy routines. It supports encryption and compression of data transmitted between xfServerPlus and xfNetLink, and includes server and client logging as well as remote debugging tools to facilitate troubleshooting.