Access Synergy Data from ODBC-Enabled Applications

xfODBC enables you to access your Synergy data from popular third-party ODBC tools designed specifically for accessing data and generating reports. You can pair the high performance of the Synergy DBMS file format with the wide-spread popularity of Microsoft Word, Excel, and other third-party data access and reporting tools, such as SAP Crystal Reports.

A technological standard, ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) enables a wide variety of applications to access various databases by ensuring that both the databases and the applications conform to a standard set of rules for data access.

xfODBC Features

  • Ability to access Synergy databases from ODBC-enabled applications, such as Microsoft Office and SAP Crystal Reports.
  • Conformance with industry standards.
  • Entry level SQL92 conformance plus extensions.
  • Support for ODBC 3.8.
  • Quick implementation for developers.
  • Easy data access for users.
  • Extensive error reporting and operation logging for the different xfODBC layers (including xfODBC driver operations and SQL OpenNet operations).
  • Ability to control access to data through access levels, passwords, and user and password encryption.
  • Optimized access with features such as system catalog caching and strategic use keys, tags, and temporary indexes.
  • Access to local data on Windows, or remote data on Windows, Linux/Unix, and OpenVMS systems.