You have two options when you develop Synergy applications on Windows: native .NET applications or traditional Synergy applications. And you can choose from two integrated development environments (IDEs): Visual Studio or Professional Series Workbench.

Visual Studio Integration

Synergy DBL Integration for Visual Studio enables you to develop traditional Synergy applications or native .NET applications with Microsoft’s Visual Studio IDE. Synergy/DE provides one of the most complete Visual Studio integrations of any third-party language. Learn more…

Professional Series Workbench

Professional Series Workbench enables you to develop traditional Windows applications with the Workbench IDE. With Workbench, Windows development can be compatible with Linux/Unix and OpenVMS development. Learn more…

Both options include

  • Synergy DBL, a cross-platform DIBOL-based language with base class libraries and object-oriented features.
  • Synergy DBMS, a scalable, portable, high-performance ISAM database.
  • xfServer, a high-performance data server that enables Synergy applications to access remote Synergy DBMS data.
  • Access to remote Synergy logic from the following clients via xfServerPlus:
    • Java, .NET, and Synergy on Windows systems
    • Synergy and Java on Linux/Unix systems
  • ODBC and ADO.NET access to Synergy data from Windows clients via xfODBC.
  • SQL Connection, a SQL API that enables Synergy applications to access third-party databases (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and other ODBC-compliant databases).
  • UI Toolkit, a library and utilities for creating user interfaces that are compatible with Linux/Unix and OpenVMS development.
  • Synergy/DE Repository, a centralized location for your data definitions.
  • Synergy APIs, which enable applications to send and receive via HTTP and HTTPS, directly access sockets for TCP/IP communication, integrate DLLs written in other languages, directly access XML from your Synergy applications, and more.
  • Encryption support.
  • Tools for managing projects, building license protection into your applications, and more.