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Via harmony core

Harmony Core is an open-source software development framework designed to help Synergy/DE developers easily build RESTful web services that expose Synergy data and business logic. Built on top of best-of-breed industry standard tools, APIs, and environments, Harmony Core allows developers to tightly control how their data and logic are queried and interacted with via Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) or custom security systems, making it stand apart from the crowd!

No proprietary protocols

No proprietary protocols

Flexible and configurable

Flexible and configurable

Accessible from any client

Accessible from any client

Easy to debug

Easy to debug

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Whether you’re building a desktop, server, web, or mobile app, RESTful services should be at the very core of any competitive development strategy. This video series begins with an introduction to RESTful web services and Harmony Core, then dives into how to leverage various components of the open-source project and build RESTful web services.

Make sure to subscribe to the Synergex blog to get future updates. Here you can familiarize yourself with the original project plan, get information about recently implemented features, or learn about results from early adopters. The Harmony Core development team aim to be as transparent as possible with their plans for this open source product.

The GitHub wiki documentation covers a variety of topics including “why REST”, foundational concepts of the Harmony Core framework, preparing your environment, and creating a basic OData service. You can also find required tools and an example Harmony Core service.

The Harmony Core product owner and technical lead co-host office hours via BigMarker to discuss upcoming features and troubleshoot ongoing development issues. Don’t miss the opportunity to get your specific implementation questions answered by the experts.
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Web Services

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