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Synergy/DE 9.5 Provides Seamless Integration with Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft’s .NET Framework

Synergex’s Synergy/DE 9.5 product release gives Synergy application developers access to the vast developer and application resources available with the .NET Framework  

Sacramento, CA. – November 30, 2010 – Synergex International Corp., provider of business software development solutions worldwide and a Microsoft Corp. industry partner, has released a new version of their Synergy/DE product suite that delivers seamless Synergy Language integration with Visual Studio 2010 and the Microsoft .NET Framework. In addition to Synergy Language, Synergy/DE provides a database system (a key-value store), support for Microsoft Entity Framework, and connectivity tools for software developers.

The new version, Synergy/DE 9.5, exposes Synergy application developers to the abundance of resources available with the .NET Framework. They can now use Visual Studio 2010 to develop and debug their applications, taking advantage of multi-thread/multi-core development methodologies. And they can utilize the .NET Framework and 3rd-party components, such as those from Infragistics and DevExpress, to continue delivering solid user experiences.

Synergy Language is the first commercial language to take full advantage of the new extensibility model in Visual Studio’s editor. “Working closely with the Visual Studio product managers to get the most out of the new extensibility model has enabled us to efficiently deliver a fully-integrated language to the Synergy developer community,” states Synergex CTO Roger Andrews. “Our customers can now take full advantage of the Visual Studio development ecosystem.” This includes rich debugging and features such as IntelliSense, UI designers, and performance profiling.

“Microsoft welcomes Synergex’s Synergy Language to its list of Visual Studio-integrated languages,” said  Dave Mendlen, Senior Director of Developer Marketing at Microsoft. “Visual Studio 2010 offers a comprehensive toolset to bridge the gap between designer and developer and the integration with Synergex continues to raise the bar for security, reliability and user experience.”

About Synergex
For more than thirty years, Synergex has established itself as a solid provider of business software development solutions. Our Synergy/DE products are used throughout the United States and globally in over 60 countries. Over 800,000 end users at more than 50,000 licensed sites around the world are using Synergy/DE-based software to improve operations and profitability.