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Synergy/DE 10.3 Beta 1 Released

Develop for Android and much more!

Synergy/DE 10.3 will deliver many exciting new features, including our initial Synergy .NET support for Mono, which gives you the ability to develop Synergy applications for Android devices. (Future releases will support iOS and OS X.)

Synergy/DE 10.3 also includes numerous new features throughout the Synergy/DE toolset, including the following features available in this initial beta release.

Synergy .NET support for Mono and Android devices:

Synergy .NET compiler enhancements:

Synergy DBL Integration for Visual Studio enhancements:

Traditional Synergy DBL compiler enhancements:

Workbench upgrade to SlickEdit 18:

Synergy .NET runtime enhancements:

Synergy DBMS (cross-platform) enhancements:

Why should you check out the 10.3 beta release?

Our initial Synergy/DE 10.3 beta release (v10.2.3c) is available for Windows and Linux!