Fast, Scalable Database System

Synergy DBMS gives you the reliability, system independence, and access speed you need—without the overhead of a relational database management system.

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses need to handle more data than ever before. If you have a large number of critical business transactions taking place daily, an efficient file system that can quickly and accurately process data files is essential to your success. Synergy DBMS provides enterprises of all sizes with the speed and precision needed to process data files flawlessly.

Synergy DBMS is built into Synergy DBL to enable you to store and manage your business data. Its primary file format is ISAM, which uses a data file index for fast access. Synergy DBMS also supports  relative, sequential, and stream file formats. On OpenVMS, Synergy DBMS is implemented with RMS (Record Management Services).

Because Synergy DBMS uses ISAM files, which use an index-based access method that maintains high-speed performance even as the file size grows, it enables application queries to quickly find specific records in a data file without having to search the entire file or look at extra records unnecessarily. What makes ISAM a fast access format is the data file index, a tree structure consisting of ordered key values that point to corresponding data records. Applications built on Synergy technology and third-party applications using xfODBC read the file index first and immediately target the desired data.

Synergy DBMS supports terabyte files, change tracking, and SQL-like data selection.