Transform Your Applications with Synergy DBL for .NET

Create Synergy libraries and applications that run natively in the .NET Framework, then extend your Synergy applications by taking advantage of .NET Framework libraries and third-party controls and interoperating with applications written in other .NET languages, such as C# or Visual Basic. Migrate your existing Synergy DBL code to this environment to completely modernize your current applications.

Synergy/DE’s tight integration with Visual Studio makes it easy for you to develop for .NET, giving you access to features such as IntelliSense, Visual Studio wizards and designers, and the Visual Studio debugger.

In addition to the features available with all Synergy/DE development for Windows, Synergy/DE includes the following for .NET Framework development:

  • CIL code generation. Synergy .NET generates Common Intermediate Language (CIL) code, which enables Synergy applications and libraries to run under the .NET Framework.
  • Integration with the Visual Studio IDEBenefit from all of your favorite Visual Studio features: IntelliSense, snippets, regions, project wizards, GUI designers (WinForms and WPF), data designers, and more.
  • Integration with the Visual Studio debugger. Use the Visual Studio debugger to debug Synergy programs and libraries, seamlessly stepping into programs and libraries created in Synergy DBL, C#, or any other .NET language.
  • Full access to .NET Framework libraries and third-party controls. Inherit from .NET Framework classes, invoke .NET Framework methods, use .NET Framework data types, enhance your Synergy applications with third-party controls, and more.
  • Interoperation with assemblies written in other .NET languages. Invoke methods in other programs or libraries, which can be written in Synergy DBL, C#, or any other .NET language. Invoke methods in your Synergy applications from assemblies written in other .NET languages.
  • Support for WPF, Windows Forms, and WCF. Use WPF or Windows Forms to create GUI elements in your Synergy applications. Use Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) in Synergy programs to create WCF services.
  • ClickOnce deployment. Create self-updating Windows applications that users can install and run by clicking on a web page.
  • Unix-compatible UI Toolkit and low-level windows. Create applications that include basic UI elements that are compatible with Linux/Unix and OpenVMS development.
  • Windows Store applications. Create Windows Store applications using Windows Store project templates.