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Synergex Will Sim-Ship with Visual Studio 2017

Synergy Language integration with Visual Studio 2017 will enable Synergy developers to take advantage of latest Visual Studio features

Sacramento, CA – February 28, 2017 – Synergex International Corp., provider of business software development solutions worldwide and a member of Microsoft’s Visual Studio Partner Program, will release a new version of their Synergy/DE product suite to coincide with Microsoft’s upcoming release of Visual Studio 2017.

Synergy/DE includes Synergy DBL, a flexible, object-oriented, DIBOL-based language designed for business that runs in multiple environments. It also includes a fast, scalable database system; tools for efficiently accessing Synergy and third-party data; the ability to securely distribute data and logic across multiple platforms; and full-featured, productive development environments, including Synergy DBL integrated with Visual Studio. Seamless integration with Visual Studio enables developers of Synergy/DE-based applications to take advantage of the powerful Visual Studio IDE and its extensive ecosystem. Synergy/DE’s support for Visual Studio 2017 will give Synergy developers immediate access to the latest Visual Studio features.

In addition to Synergy DBL, the Synergy/DE product suite provides a variety of tools to meet application developers’ needs for technology and productivity, including a high-performing database system and connectivity tools.

About Synergex
For more than 40 years, Synergex cross-platform business software development solutions have enabled companies in a broad range of industries to develop and use applications to their fullest potential. Today, we offer the latest technologies and broad expertise that enable companies around the globe to continue to advance their applications and be successful.