Synergex Ventures

Helping companies accelerate their momentum, productize their technology, and gain market acceptance of their products and services.

Synergex Ventures is the corporate venture capital arm of Synergex International Corporation. Synergex Ventures was formed in 2010 to leverage the strengths of Synergex, including its experience in productizing and commercializing technology, and to develop additional sources of growth. We provide portfolio companies with financial support, facilities, and experienced management and administrative services, creating true economies of scale.

Our focus is on technology-based companies in the clean technology market, with emphasis on northern California companies and university spinouts. Examples of our first investments include:

  • Altergy Systems, a fuel cell company that designs and manufactures proprietary hydrogen fuel cell systems which generate clean electrical power at the point-of-use, using gaseous hydrogen as a fuel for generators powering wireless cell towers worldwide.
  • CleanWorld, a company that designs and manufactures advanced, high-solids anaerobic digestion systems which convert organic waste into electricity, transportation fuels, fertilizers, and other valuable products, using a core technology developed at the University of California, Davis.

For more information about Synergex Ventures please contact us at or
call (916) 635-7300 and ask for Michele Wong or Terry Carlone.