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Synergex Announces KitaroDB and Synergy/DE Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 and Windows 8.1

Application developers benefit from latest Microsoft Corp. and Synergex features

Sacramento, CA – November 13, 2013 – Synergex International Corp., provider of business software development solutions worldwide, announced that their KitaroDB and Synergy/DE products support Microsoft’s recently released Visual Studio 2013 and Windows 8.1.

KitaroDB is a free NoSQL database that operates natively on mobile devices, Windows Store apps, and Win32/.NET. KitaroDB is slim, fast and efficient, and allows developers to bring native NoSQL data storage to applications targeting an increasingly mobile marketplace. Backed by a proven commercial database, KitaroDB supports both key/value and intrusive keyed storage.

“KitaroDB offers developers a way to provide a consistent user experience, even when the Internet isn’t available,” said Product Manager Tod Phillips, “Using KitaroDB means they can cache data in its ‘native’ form, and essentially avoid having to write the same app twice: once for online mode, when the data is readily available, and once again for offline mode, when a connection can’t be established and they have to rely on stored data.”

Synergy/DE is a suite of application development tools thatextends Visual Studio with functionality for developing high-performance .NET business applications. It includes Synergy DBL—a proven object-oriented DIBOL-based business language with base class libraries; Synergy DBMS— a scalable, high-performance ISAM database; SQL and ODBC connectors; and other tools to meet application developers’ requirements for building high-performance, enterprise applications.

“Synergex has always been committed to the long-term success of its Synergy/DE customers,” states Roger Andrews, CTO at Synergex. “which is why we keep our tool suite current with the latest development technologies. We’ve worked closely with Microsoft to ensure optimal integration and compatibility with their latest release, and we’re excited to offer Visual Studio 2013 support to our customers. They’ll be able to take advantage of the new productivity features as well as features that enable them to continue producing great software.”

“Synergex, an active Visual Studio beta tester, gives Visual Studio developers a powerful data storage option when targeting mobile devices with KitaroDB,” said Mitra Azizirad, General Manager, Developer Tools Marketing and Sales, Microsoft. “We’re happy to see Synergex support Visual Studio 2013 at launch, showing their commitment to providing the latest support for our shared customers.”

For more information about KitaroDB and to download the latest update (version, required with Visual Studio 2013), visit and Microsoft’s Visual Studio gallery.

For more information about Synergy/DE and to download the latest update (Synergy/DE 10.1.1b, required with Visual Studio 2013), visit Synergy/DE Application Development Tools.