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Synergex Announces KitaroDB, a Native NoSQL Database for Windows

Provides a fast, scalable NoSQL key/value store for WinRT, Win 32, and .NET

Sacramento, CA – October 29, 2012 – Synergex International Corp. today announced their release of KitaroDB 1.0, a free NoSQL database that runs natively in the WinRT, Win32, and .NET environments. KitaroDB is a fast, efficient data store that supports key-value pairs as well as intrusive keys, and can be used by developers across Microsoft’s platforms.

Based on a commercial database driving enterprise applications for more than 25 years, KitaroDB brings NoSQL to WinRT, the new Windows 8 UI, and also supports Win32 and .NET applications. Capable of thousands of operations per second, KitaroDB is nevertheless small enough to fit on client devices — leaving resources available for the rest of the application. The easy-to-use interface enables developers to spend their time programming application features, and not worrying about how to push their schemaless data into a rigid schema.

Under the hood, KitaroDB is a cross-platform B-tree database written in pure C. Continuously enhanced since its release in 1985, this database is at the heart of enterprise solutions at Fortune-level companies around the world. “Because we leverage [KitaroDB]…the read processing is greatly accelerated, to the tune of hundreds of times faster.” states Carl Wysocki, R&D Manager, WorkWise, LLC, a leading provider of ERP manufacturing systems.  “We’ve got 5,000 named users plus 1,200 concurrent users, and see peak usage of 20 million operations per hour,” said Jeff Jolley, Director of Architecture and Standards, Hilton Grand Vacations Company, LLC.

KitaroDB 1.0 features include:

– Intuitive interfaces for programmers using C#, VB, HTML5/JavaScript,
C++ and C

– Support for large sector drives

– Minimal overhead, consuming less than a megabyte of memory resources

– A durable, on-disk data store with a 100TB storage limit

– Asynchronous and synchronous operations

– Flexibility to be used as either a key-value store or with intrusive key access

With today’s launch of KitaroDB 1.0, Synergex has also released an open source application that’s powered by KitaroDB. “Baconography” is a Reddit client for Windows 8. Using KitaroDB’s ability to store data on-disk, Baconography is able to provide an excellent user experience regardless of the status of the internet connection. Baconography’s source is available on, and the application has been submitted to the Windows Store.

Plans for future KitaroDB versions include support for Linux and other platforms, support for records larger than 64K, and a specialized server edition.

“We’re extremely excited to introduce KitaroDB,” states Roger Andrews, CTO at Synergex. “It lets developers incorporate local storage for applications that might otherwise fall over if internet connections are lost. Plus, their local data stores are in the exact same format as they’d otherwise expect to use, which means a lot less coding, and a lot less room for error.”

Synergex previously launched KitaroDB v0.8 for WinRT applications to coincide with Microsoft’s September release of Visual Studio 2012. Today’s release coincides with Microsoft’s recent Windows 8 release and includes feature and performance improvements to the WinRT version, plus the addition of Win32 and .NET CLR support.

KitaroDB is provided free of charge, and support subscriptions are available. For more information, visit

About Synergex

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