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Turn-Key Distribution Systems

Software component licensing is a breeze (and free!) with Licensing Toolkit

Turn-Key Distribution Systems in Malden, MA, provides a full range of custom IT products and services to the wholesale distribution industry and beyond. One of their products, tkPDF, is a powerful utility that enables users to create custom PDF documents on the fly that can contain fixed or variable fonts, color, graphics, line drawings, shading, watermarks, image placement, column justification, and many other functions.

Originally developed for OpenVMS, tkPDF now runs on any Synergy-supported platform—but until recently its licensing controls were VMS-specific. So when one of their customers ported from OpenVMS to Windows, Turn-Key realized they needed to rework their licensing scheme. Paul McMahon, Director of Product Development, immediately knew where to turn. “Fortunately Synergex had just discussed the Licensing Toolkit at the annual Synergy DevPartner Conference,” says McMahon, “so I set out to explore the Toolkit and see if it would meet our needs.”

It turned out the process was very straightforward. After reading the Licensing Toolkit User’s Guide, McMahon contacted his Synergex account manager to set him up with a producer code (a unique ID for each company generating product keys) and the License Key Generator utility. “It was a breeze to implement the Licensing Toolkit within our software using the examples from the Synergex CodeExchange,” notes McMahon. “What at first appeared to be a daunting task was much easier than I expected, and we were using the licensing scheme within a couple of hours.” Turn-Key was able to generate new product configuration keys for their customer’s environment as soon as they received the license registration string from the customer—and everything worked correctly on the first attempt.

McMahon knows it would have been difficult for Turn-Key to create their own licensing scheme to work reliably in a Windows environment, so he’s thrilled that the Synergy/DE Licensing Toolkit has filled that need and enabled them to continue developing tkPDF for Windows. “The Licensing Toolkit was so easy to implement and use. I can see many other uses for it in our main central-server application where we’ve always just relied on the Synergy licenses, as well as other environments where we deploy our software to remote desktops and mobile devices.”

McMahon says he’d recommend the Licensing Toolkit to anyone who needs to license their software or to separately license software components. He concludes, “With the traditional reliance on Synergy server licenses, a customer can run any program that’s installed—but with the Licensing Toolkit, you can protect your software so that customers adhere to the limits you’ve set.”

The Synergy/DE Licensing Toolkit is included with your DevPartner subscription at no additional cost. For more information, see the Licensing Toolkit User’s Guide. And when you’re ready to start generating keys for your products and components, contact your account manager to get set up.