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Jackson Lumber

Jackson Lumber uses Synergy/DE xfServerPlus and Infragistics controls to give their app a slick new UI

Jackson Lumber & Millwork has been providing quality building materials since 1946. Their business runs on three Synergy/DE-based applications that they develop in-house. All use xfServerPlus to connect to their back-end Synergy methods from a variety of platforms, such as ASP.NET, WinForms, and Web services.

Jackson Lumber’s internal application has a .NET WinForms user interface and is used to run and manage all aspects of their business, including sales, inventory control, manufacturing, purchasing, dispatching, marketing, and accounting. Like their other applications, the internal application is extremely feature-rich, having been fine-tuned and perfected over the years to meet their specific business needs. However, Jackson Lumber wanted to make the application more visually appealing, so they incorporated Infragistics WinForms controls throughout the user interface, including data grids, gauges, graphics, calendar editors, and buttons. “Initially, we used Visual Studio out of the box,” explains Jackson’s IS Director Don Piccirillo. “But we found we were burning a lot of time developing and tweaking the tools to meet our needs. We switched to Infragistics and have stayed with them ever since.”

With Infragistics, developers can pick a theme that they like and give their application a consistent look and feel. Further, Infragistics offers advanced controls such as data grids and gauges, making it easy to produce a sophisticated UI.

Production Performance

Sales Standings

Single Interior Door Unit

Jackson Lumber’s ASP.NET external contractor site was also developed around proven Synergy/DE xfServerPlus methods and uses the Infragistics ASP.NET web controls:

Contractor Site

Jackson Lumber’s third application is a Windows Mobile application that uses .NET Web Services to expose their proven Synergy xfServerPlus methods to mobile devices internally for manufacturing, receiving, warehousing, and purchasing as well as externally on delivery trucks for order tracking and signature capture. They are also currently beginning a “Sales Pad” ASP.NET application for their outside sales force. With the Infragistics controls, they’ll be able to build a powerful tablet-based Web application that will use xfServerPlus to interface with their back-end Synergy/DE-based system.

“Our applications are extremely rich in functionality,” concludes Piccirillo. “xfServerPlus enables us to leverage all of our proven methods and data through a number of angles so the UI is as sophisticated as the application. And Infragistics controls make it that much easier to produce a slick and modern UI that is intuitive to users and impressive to customers.”

Jackson Lumber & Millworks is one example of a customer taking advantage of the latest technologies to give their proven Synergy applications a modern user interface. If you want to explore how you can do something similar with your applications, contact your Synergy/DE account manager.