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“We are converting one of our warehouses to a ‘pick to light’ order fulfillment system and are using Synergy/DE SQL Connection to automate the shipping functionality. We are updating SQL tables with real-time order/package status information, so we can have our UPS Worldship application pick up the information as soon as a package arrives at the shipping station. The performance of SQL Connection is excellent—in fact, we’re finding it about 7-8 times faster than SOAP over HTTP, which is important for this application.”

Christopher Blundell
United Natural Foods, Inc.

“Synergy/DE’s SQL Connection product has enabled us to make the booking, enquiry, and static information from the TravelCat application available to our customers in relational databases, such as SQL Server and Oracle, where customers can take advantage of reporting and other access products available for these databases.”

“As the TravelCat application writes information to the current Synergy DBMS files, a secondary file is updated with the record ‘key’ information and update mode. A separate detached process then reads the Synergy DBMS database, performing inserts, amends, and deletes, as applicable, to the customer’s relational database. This process can be set as either a real-time update or an overnight batched process, depending upon the customer’s requirement.”

“Using scripts and software, changes to the Synergy/DE repositories are automatically applied to the relational database by updating the routines that manage the SQL updates and also re-generating the scripts that create the relational database.”

Joy Hanley
Comtec (Europe) Ltd.