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Secure Synergy Applications and Data

The most critical asset for modern companies is our data. For Synergex customers, Synergy applications are used to display, add, delete, and change that data. Are you doing everything you can to ensure you’re protecting your data within your Synergy applications? How much would a loss or theft of that data cost your company? In recent history, unauthorized access of data has resulted in millions of dollars in losses for businesses that have failed to protect these assets. Regardless of which operating system you’re on, we recommend that you stay up to date with their most recent releases and security updates. We also recommend being on the latest version of Synergy DBL that’s compatible with your operating system. This will ensure you can take advantage of newer TLS and OpenSSL capabilities.

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As attacks on enterprise applications evolve, so do the IT industry standards for application security. It’s important to ensure you are building and running your software with supported products. This article covers some of the commonly used operating systems and libraries that have recently or will soon become unsupported. It also discusses some of the security features in Synergy/DE 11.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about different types of threats to modern-day applications and ways to protect your company, applications, and customer data from such attacks. Our security experts also discuss commonly used products that are no longer supported. Unsupported products don’t receive security updates and can leave your applications and data vulnerable. In addition, you’ll discover what practices Synergex has adopted to minimize our risk.

We put the security of your Synergy applications first. While much of what keeps applications and data secure can be baked into your operating system and Synergy/DE, there are additional steps we take to ensure the integrity of our installations, product licensing, and more.

Security is a moving target, so we continually enhance our product set to increase application and data security. Even small or incremental changes can make a big impact on minimizing risk. Whether you are just starting to implement some of the basics or looking at ways to encrypt data-at-rest, this video has you covered.

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