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“Our Synergy/DE-based SDMS software was first written over 20 years ago and has always run on OpenVMS—first VAX, then Alpha, and in the future, Itanium. Using new language features like HTTP and XML has allowed our product to evolve over time and keep up with current technologies.… With XML becoming more of a standard, it’s great to have these tools at our disposal.… It really opens up the possibilities for communication between our SDMS users and their customers and suppliers.”

John Getgood
HighJump Software

“We have two uses for Web services right now. One is to communicate between our Synergy/DE-based software and a warehouse management system written in VB .NET that runs on Symbol handheld barcode scanners. The other is to provide real-time information from the Synergy application via an Internet order entry system written in C# .NET.… By using Web services to connect to handheld scanners, we have a whole new software package that we previously would not have been able to provide.”

Dan Ellis
AFS Technologies

“Thanks to Synergy/DE, the whole [Web services] process was relatively straightforward.… In fact, we were able to use samples of code from the Synergex CodeExchange to get started. Because Synergy/DE enables us to adopt emerging technologies, we are able to stay ahead of our competitors and produce quality software on time at a much lower cost.”

Jeff Gill
Gateway Dealer Solutions

“We protected the application and functionality that we invested in for over 20 years by putting a new front-end onto our back-end Synergy code. Now clients can log in from wherever they are and place orders, look at their statements, and even pay their bills using a credit card. By Web-enabling our product we’ve put ourselves back in the game.”

Bob Ballantyne
HighJump Software (formerly Global Beverage Group)