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Update the licensing on my existing Synergy/DE 9.5.3b – 10.3.3 system to REV11 licensing


(I’m not upgrading to Synergy/DE version 11.)

1. Read and follow the “Before you install…” instructions for Windows or Unix. This includes making sure your system meets operating system requirements and running the lmcheck utility to check connectivity between your license server and the Synergy License Web Service.
2. Search your source code for the SERIAL routine. If you find it, see the REV11 FAQ for information about a workaround. SERIAL returns the registration string and doesn’t work with Synergy/DE 9.5.3b – 10.3.3 due to the longer registration strings in REV11 licensing . (Do a case-insensitive search for just SERIAL, then look for instances of “xcall SERIAL”.)
3. If you use the Synergy/DE Licensing Toolkit, get the latest License Key Generator from Customer Service. Also see the REV11 FAQ for additional items to check.
4. Download and install the REV11 licensing upgrade package. (Requires login to Resource Center. Select your platform, then your version, then download the upgrade package from the table. Use the 32-bit download for 32- and 64-bit systems. )
  Your pre-REV11 and REV11 registration strings are transmitted to Synergex.
  After Customer Service has processed your upgrade, you’ll receive a “REV11 License Upgrade Complete” email.
5. (optional) Update your product keys by synchronizing your license data with the Synergy License Web Server. Watch video. (Or, wait for the next poll when the keys will be updated automatically.)
  Your product keys are downloaded and installed.

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For more information, see our documentation for licensing Synergy/DE products and for using the licensing upgrade package on Windows and Unix.

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