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Frequently Asked Questions


Q.Which licenses should I update to REV11 licensing?
A.If a license meets the following criteria, you’ll need to update it to REV11 licensing by the license’s renewal date (in 2021):
  • It’s on Windows or Unix; AND
  • It’s using a Synergy/DE version between 9.3.1 and 10.3.3; AND
  • It’s a subscription license.
We also recommend that you update traditional (non-subscription) licenses to REV11 licensing (9.3.1 – 10.3.3, Windows & Unix).
Q.Will I still be able to get product keys for my Synergy/DE 9.1.5 (or lower version) systems?
A.Yes, since REV11 licensing only supports Synergy/DE 9.3.1 and higher versions, you will still get “pre-REV11” keys for lower Synergy/DE versions.
Q.Do I need to update my OpenVMS systems to REV11 licensing?
Q.When should I update my licenses to REV11 licensing?
A.We recommend you update each license to REV11 licensing before the license’s renewal month so that your product keys can be automatically updated when Synergex processes your renewal. So for example, if you have a license that renews in January, we recommend you update it to REV11 licensing before the end of December.
Q.Do I have to update all my production subscription licenses before January 1st?
A.No, you don’t have to update a license to REV11 licensing until the license renews. For example, if a license renews in August, you’ll need to update it to REV11 licensing before the end of August. (We recommend you update it before the end of July so your product keys are automatically updated in August.)
Q.Will updating to REV11 licensing put my application at increased risk for loss of service? I.e., could a problem with the Synergy License Web Service cause my application to stop working?
A.No. Your license server only connects to the Synergy License Web Service periodically to check for new keys (typically once/week). Once you have REV11 licensing set up and product keys installed, an issue with the Web Service would not cause your application to stop working. If there is an issue and your license server can’t connect to the Web Service when it’s time to poll, you and Synergex will be notified via emails and logs. The keys installed on your license server will not be affected, and your application will continue to run normally.
Q.What happens to my application if my license server can’t connect to the Synergy License Web Service?
A.Nothing happens immediately to your running application if your license server can’t connect to the Synergy License Web Service. The connection issue will be logged, and your license server will try again the next time it polls. After 30 days of not connecting, you’ll get an automated email notifying you about the issue. Additional notices will be sent at 60 and 90 days. In the meantime, Synergex Customer Service will contact you to address the issue. After 90 days, if the issue is not addressed, your application could be disabled.
Q.Will updating to REV11 licensing be a huge undertaking?
A.Since the requirement to update to REV11 licensing applies only to Synergy/DE 9.3 and above, only to subscription licenses, and only when licenses renew, we think the customer effort required to update these licenses will be manageable. Please let us know if we can assist you in any way.
Q.What should I do before I update to REV11 licensing?
A.1. Check the OS requirements for your system.
2. Read and follow the “Before you install…” instructions for using the REV11 licensing upgrade package on Windows or Unix. This includes having you run the lmcheck utility to check connectivity between your license server and the Synergy License Web Service.
3. Search your source code for “xcall SERIAL”, and if you find it, review the information in the FAQ below to determine whether you need to replace it. When searching, do a case-insensitive search for just SERIAL and look for instances of “xcall SERIAL” (in case there are tabs/spaces/returns between the words).
4. If you use the Licensing Toolkit, see the FAQ below.
Q.Do applications that use xcall SERIAL need to be updated to account for the longer licensing registration strings?
A.Yes, if your application uses xcall SERIAL (whose sole function is to return the registration string), you will need to update your code due to the longer REV11 registration string. Xcall SERIAL won’t work in Synergy/DE versions prior to v11 (even if you increase the size of the return variable) because the runtime does not return the longer string. We recommend that customers search their code for xcall SERIAL, and if it’s being used, replace it with alternate code. One technique is to run the lmu command in an open pipe and extract the string from the lmu output. See KB #2467 in the Synergex Resource Center for a sample subroutine that does this. (Xcall SERIAL does work in Synergy/DE 11; you’ll just need to make sure your return variable is at least 31 characters.)
Q.How does REV11 Licensing affect applications that use the Synergy Licensing Toolkit?
A.If you use the Licensing Toolkit (which enables you to build Synergy License Manager license enforcement into your applications), before you update to REV11 licensing, you’ll need to:
– Get the latest Synergy/DE Licensing Toolkit (version 11.1.1d) from Customer Service.
– Use this version’s License Key Generator (lmk.exe). It can create REV11 and pre-REV11 product keys, depending on which registration string is passed to it.
– If your code uses the LM_INFO routine to retrieve the registration string, or if you’ve written any code that uses the registration key or product key, update your code to handle the larger sizes.
– If you generate keys individually to the screen, or if you generate keys to multiple .skf files for a single machine, or if you concatenate .skf files, change your process to instead generate all keys for the system to a single .skf file.
– If you’re using a version 11 License Key Generator prior to 11.1.1d, and you use a producer file, either update to “d” for a fix, or (as a workaround for an issue) remove the producer files from your client and server machines.
Q.Will we be able to manage our Synergy/DE product keys on the Licenses site in the Synergex Resource Center (so we don’t have to bug Synergex Customer Service)?
A.Yes, we encourage you to use the Licenses site to manage your licenses and product keys. There you can generate Install Codes when installing REV11 licensing on new systems, and you can also generate your product keys. Make sure you have one or more Site Admins (employees with permissions) who are familiar with this site. Contact Synergex Customer Service to add Site Admins. Also note that your Site Admins can control who from your company can access your product licenses on the site.
Q.Is there a way to test the connection between my license server and the Synergy License Web Service before I install REV11 licensing?
A.Yes. Use the LMCHECK utility, available on our Downloads site. Select your platform, then your version, then download LMCHECK from the table.
Q.How can I get access to the Synergex Resource Center or to a specific section of the Resource Center (e.g., Downloads or Licenses)?
A.If you don’t have a Resource Center account, click here, then click “Create Account” in the top right corner of the page. If you don’t have permission to access a page on the site, contact your company’s Resource Center site admin or Synergex Customer Service.
Q.Why do I need to update to REV11 licensing if I’m not upgrading my licenses to Synergy/DE version 11?
A.REV11 licensing was created for Synergy/DE versions 9.3.1 and higher. It is separate from Synergy/DE version 11. It’s the current revision of Synergy/DE licensing. It was released at the same time as Synergy/DE 11.
Q.Is REV11 licensing Synergy/DE version 11?
A.No, REV11 licensing is a separate product component. It is used by Synergy/DE version 11, and it’s also used by Synergy/DE 9.3.1 – 10.3.3. It’s the current revision of Synergy/DE licensing for 9.3 and above.

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For more information, see our documentation for licensing Synergy/DE products and for using the licensing upgrade package on Windows and Unix.

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