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Synergy/DE REV11 Licensing FAQ

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What is REV11 licensing
How does it work?
Will REV11 licensing affect my application’s performance?
Is REV11 licensing secure?
Will REV11licensing affect my application’s performance?
Does REV11 licensing work with both subscriptions and traditional licenses?
What are the system requirements?
How do I get REV11 licensing?

REV11 licensing brings big changes to Synergy/DE license management. You’ll no longer need to obtain and install Synergy product keys. Instead, Synergy/DE’s License Manager running on your system will automatically download product keys via the Synergy License Web Service and install them on your machine. Learn more about REV11 licensing below. Contact your Synergy/DE account executive if you have any questions.

What is REV11 licensing?

  • REV11 licensing is a new licensing system for Synergy/DE products that uses a web service to automatically download and update Synergy product keys.
  • REV11 licensing will be included in Synergy/DE version 11. It will also be available separately via a licensing upgrade package, which can be used with Synergy/DE 9.3 and higher.
  • REV11 licensing makes managing Synergy product keys much easier. After installing REV11 licensing on a system, you will not have to touch the keys on that system again. You will no longer have to manually update product keys, keep track of Synergy key files (.skf files), or contact Customer Service to generate keys.

How does it work?

Installing REV11 licensing

  • When you upgrade an existing Synergy/DE installation to Synergy/DE 11, or you install the REV11 licensing upgrade package on an existing Synergy/DE installation, License Manager sends your licensee name and registration string to the Synergy License Web Service, where the information is matched with the license data for your system. Then, keys are generated, the license data is sent back to your machine, and the product keys are automatically installed. The license data is similar to what used to be stored in a Synergy key file. (There is no longer an actual file.)
  • When you order Synergy/DE 11 for a new system, Synergex Customer Service will send you an install code to apply on your system (using lmu or the Synergy Configuration Program). License Manager will then transmit your registration string and licensee name to the Synergy License Web Service, which will match them against the licensee name that you specified when you ordered the license. Then, keys are generated and delivered as specified above for upgrades.


  • REV11 License Manager on your system regularly polls the Synergy License Web Service to check for new license data. When new data (e.g., new keys) is found, License Manager automatically downloads it and updates the product keys on your system.
  • Most systems will poll every seven days. When a license is close to expiring, polling increases to daily and then hourly, so that the new keys can be picked up as soon as they are available.
  • You can force a system to sync (i.e., check for new keys) with the Synergy License Web Service at any time using the Synergy Configuration Program or from the command line with lmu.

Annual subscription renewals

  • After Synergex Customer Service processes your renewal and updates your license data, on the next poll, your License Manager will download the data and update your keys.

Adding users or products

  • When you add users or products to an existing license, the next poll will update the product keys on your system. If you don’t want to wait for the next poll, you can manually sync with the Synergy License Web Service using the Synergy Configuration Program or lmu.

Version upgrades

  • When you upgrade to a new major Synergy/DE version (e.g., from 11 to 12), you can immediately run the newer software without having to install new product keys. Your License Manager will send notification of the upgrade to the Synergy License Web Service, then new keys will be generated and automatically downloaded and installed on the next poll. This same benefit applies to the licensing upgrade package: when you upgrade a system with the licensing upgrade package installed to Synergy/DE 10 or 11, you won’t have to manually install product keys.
  • You do not need to maintain product keys for multiple Synergy/DE versions on your license server. REV11 licensing includes a “fuzzy matching” feature that enables you to run other versions of Synergy/DE with version 11 keys.

Internet connection

  • REV11 licensing requires systems to be connected to the internet in order to transmit license data to the Synergy License Web Service and automatically download product keys. Data is sent via HTTPS on port 443. Short, temporary internet outages will not cause a problem. They will be logged, and polling will resume when the connection is restored. If the connection remains out for a longer period of time, you will be notified.

Is REV11 licensing secure?

  • Yes. REV11 licensing uses standard HTTPS for encrypting web traffic. All data transmitted to and from the Synergy License Web Service is secure.

Will REV11 licensing affect my application’s performance?

  • No, REV11 licensing will add negligible network traffic to your system and won’t affect performance. Only a small amount of data is transmitted from your license server to the Synergy License Web Service and, in normal circumstances, polling takes place only once a week. Your system’s license data will continue to reside on your local license server, and your applications will continue to access that license server when they are running.

Does REV11 licensing work with both subscription and traditional licenses?

  • Yes, you can use REV11 licensing with both types of licenses. For subscription licenses, it will download new keys after you complete your annual renewal with Synergex Customer Service. For both types of licenses, it will download new keys if you add users or products.

What are the system requirements?

How do I get REV11 licensing?

  • You can get REV11 licensing with the Synergy/DE 11 beta test.