Plan a Disaster Recovery Solution

Unplanned downtime can cost you and your customers millions of dollars in lost revenue and lost productivity, not to mention the impact to your company’s reputation. Fortunately, Synergex offers a number of solutions that enable you to minimize downtime for your Synergy applications.

You can…

  • Install Synergy/DE on a backup system after a primary system fails. This no-cost option works for companies who do not mind the downtime required to set up a new system.
  • Obtain an additional standard license for a subset of users to install on a backup system. This option is most appropriate for customers who want to minimize downtime but do not require their backup system to support the same number of users as the primary system.
  • Obtain a discounted “Backup License” to install on a backup system. This option enables a system to take over at a moment’s notice and is the best solution for customers who require minimal downtime for all their users. On Windows, you’ll install the product Backup License Server, which automatically takes over the task of managing Synergy licenses if your primary license server becomes unavailable. On Unix and OpenVMS, a backup license provides you with an extra set of license configuration keys, which you can install on a backup system that will be ready to take over if the license server becomes unavailable.

Offer your users and/or customers the security of minimal downtime should disaster strike. Contact your Synergy/DE account manager to determine the best redundancy solution for your Synergy/DE license management.

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