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Putting Security First

Whether you’re an independent software vendor (ISV) or run a corporate IT department, you can rest assured that Synergex has controls in place to help safeguard all of our customers from security threats.

Vendor Security Updates

We keep operating systems, applications, and other components up to-date with the latest security updates, and our commercial-grade firewalls are secured with advanced thread and intrusion protection. Development environments are backed by Azure-based disaster recovery mirrors.

Extended Validation Certificate

We scan all product installations with Microsoft’s current antivirus products and use an Extended Validation Certificate to sign them. This ensures our products are safe for you to download and install.

Product Licensing Software

Our product licensing software on customer systems communicates through a Microsoft Azure license server using the latest industry-recommended version of TLS encryption. This provides license enforcement and enables systems to retrieve and install Synergex product keys securely.

Security in Synergex Products

Take advantage of the security features in our products that enable you to build security into your own applications.

DBL Programming Language

The Synergy DBL programming language includes an HTTPS API, which enables applications to send and receive documents via secure HTTP. Synergy DBL also includes encryption features that enable applications to encrypt data when communicating between computers and writing to disk.

OpenSSL and TLS

We support the most current OpenSSL and TLS versions so you can implement the highest industry-supported security in your applications.

New Security Features

We regularly add new security features to our products as new needs are identified. The recent Synergy/DE 11.1 release included the ability for xfServer and xfServerPlus to run as non-root/admin accounts.