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Straight from the Source

Synergex has developed some open-source tools to make it easier to do things like build RESTful web services with APIs that expose Synergy data and logic to other applications or generate source code or other types of content based on the metadata stored in a Synergy repository. Source code for these projects is available on GitHub.

Harmony Core

Incorporating standardized technologies like OData, Swagger, ASP.NET Core, .NET Core, and Entity Framework Core, Harmony Core services can expose specific pieces of your business logic as web services, which in turn exposes data via received and returned parameters. Once a function has been exposed as a web service, it’s possible to interact with that function from almost any development environment or application and from any location, including from applications executing on mobile devices. Other applications simply call the service; your application retains complete control of its data. (In many cases, you can expose existing application functions as services without any additional development.)

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Initially developed to generate Synergy DBL source code, CodeGen can also be used to generate code for a variety of other programming languages, including C#, Visual Basic, and Java. CodeGen can create XML files, HTML files, ASP.NET, Web Forms and XAML files for WPF or Silverlight applications—essentially any text-based file whose content relates to information stored in a Synergy repository. Automatic code generation helps you get your new applications to market more quickly.

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