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Synergex’s New Synergy/DE Data Provider for .NET

Sacramento, CA – June 19, 2009 – Synergex today announced the release of the Synergy/DE Data Provider for .NET, an ADO.NET data provider for Synergy DBMS databases. The new data provider enables developers to take advantage of the benefits of Microsoft’s ADO.NET Entity Framework and LINQ while accessing Synergy DBMS databases from .NET applications and Visual Studio 2008.

The ADO.NET Entity Framework is the next data-access technology from Microsoft and is Microsoft’s first full-fledged move into object-relational mapping (ORM). It simplifies data access by using entity data models (EDMs), which are conceptual models that present relational data as objects that can be customized to reflect objects in the programming domain. EDMs can be queried using Entity SQL or LINQ, which supports IntelliSense, and Visual Studio 2008 can validate queries written against EDMs at compile-time.

The Synergy/DE Data Provider for .NET supports access via .NET DataSets and EDMs, and it includes a Visual Studio plug-in (a DDEX provider) that enables developers to create Visual Studio data connections to Synergy DBMS databases.

“Microsoft views the ADO.NET Entity Framework as the future of its data access technologies,” states Synergex CTO Roger Andrews. “It was critical that we offer support for it to our customers. The Synergy/DE Data Provider for .NET demonstrates our continued commitment to the delivery of timely application solutions and services to our customers.”

About Synergex and Synergy/DE
For over 30 years, Synergex products and professional services have helped businesses maximize their investments in enterprise applications. Building on proven stability, Synergex partners with customers to continually advance their applications and drive business success. Synergex’s Synergy/DE application development environment enables developers to create high-performance, platform-independent business applications, and these applications are used by millions of users worldwide.