Synergy/DE includes the following products and features for development and deployment on Linux and Unix. Development for these platforms can be compatible with Windows and OpenVMS development.

For Linux/Unix development, Synergy/DE includes

  • Synergy DBL, a cross-platform DIBOL-based language with base class libraries and object-oriented features.
  • Synergy DBMS, a scalable, portable, high-performance ISAM database.
  • xfServer, a high-performance data server that enables Synergy applications to access remote Synergy DBMS data.
  • Access to remote Synergy logic from the following clients via xfServerPlus.
    • Java, .NET, and Synergy on Windows systems
    • Synergy and Java on Linux/Unix systems
  • SQL Connection, a SQL API that enables Synergy applications to access third-party databases (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and other ODBC-compliant databases).
  • ODBC and ADO.NET access to Synergy DBMS data from Windows clients via xfODBC.
  • UI Toolkit, a library and utilities for creating user interfaces that are compatible with OpenVMS and Windows development.
  • Synergy/DE Repository, a centralized location for your data definitions.
  • Encryption support.
  • Support for shared object libraries written in other languages.
  • Sending and receiving via HTTP and HTTPS.
  • Direct access to sockets for TCP/IP communication.
  • Direct access to XML from your Synergy applications.

Boost productivity
For greater productivity, we recommend using our Workbench IDE for Linux/Unix development on Windows. Learn more…

Revitalize your UI
Give green screen applications new life by adding up-to-date user interfaces. Your business logic is reliable and your applications deliver on functionality, so why should they look outdated? With Synergy/DE, you can add Windows front-ends that use Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), add Windows Store applications for mobile devices, and take advantage of a number of other established or emerging technologies. Find out how PSG can help…