Synergy License Management

Manage Synergy product and application licenses, ensure license server availability, and protect your applications from unauthorized usage with our license management tools.

Synergy/DE product usage and licensing policies are managed and enforced by a set of utilities collectively known as Synergy/DE License Manager. Before running a Synergy application for the first time, you’ll configure¬†License Manager for the Synergy/DE products and number of users that you’ve licensed with Synergex. Whenever your application is run, it communicates with License Manager to ensure that the maximum number of concurrent Synergy users licensed isn’t exceeded. License Manager makes it easy for you and your users to follow Synergex licensing policies.

License Manager and its enforcement of Synergy/DE product usage is included with the Synergy/DE products that you purchase. You can optionally purchase a Backup License to provide coverage in the event that your License Manager system goes down. You can also use License Manager to secure your Synergy applications by using the Synergy/DE Licensing Toolkit.