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Make sure you’re getting the most out of your Synergy/DE tools and technologies!

Join us at one of our educational Tech Days, an all-day, informal classroom-style gathering for Synergy developers and development teams, to learn about all the technologies available to modernize your Synergy applications today.


Tuesday, September 24, 2019
Reading, UK

Hilton Reading
Drake Way, Reading, RG2 0GQ, United Kingdom

Thursday, September 26, 2019
Manchester, UK

Radisson Blu Manchester Airport
Chicago Ave, Manchester M90 3RA, UK


8:30 am  9:00Registration / Continental breakfast
9:00  9:30Welcome / Product Update
This presentation will focus on various new features that have been added to Synergy/DE in recent versions and will also present information about features and enhancements being delivered in the up-coming Synergy/DE V11.
9:30  10:45Building RESTful Web Services API’s
Representational State Transfer (REST) is an architectural style that defines a set of constraints and properties based on HTTP. Web Services conforming to the REST style provide interoperability between computer systems on private networks and the Internet. Adopting the principles of REST has quickly become the accepted way of exposing flexible, easy to use, performant, and secure APIs and building applications that consume those APIs.

Whether you’re building a desktop, server, web, or mobile app, RESTful services almost certainly have a place at the very core of your development strategy.
10:45  11:00Break
11:00  NoonReplicating Synergy Data to Relational Databases
One of the most common things that the developers of Synergy applications have been focusing on in recent years is opening up their Synergy databases for use by other applications, typically for reporting, dashboards and other BI-related objectives. To assist developers Synergex have created a sample environment that replicates Synergy data to a SQL Server database in near-to-real-time, and all of that code is available via an open source license. This session will walk you through the capabilities of that environment and show you how to get started with data replication.
Noon  1:00 pmLunch
1:00  2:00How many users does it take to break an app?
Use load testing to identify concurrency failures.
2:00  2:30Rev 11 Licensing
One of the most anticipated new Synergy/DE features is the automation of the distribution of license keys to new and existing systems, and we’re getting very close to releasing that feature now. This presentation will walk you through what the new “REV11” licensing environment is capable of and will demonstrate it in practical use.
2:30  3:00Break
3:00  4:00No Single Point of Failure
High Availability / Disaster Recovery / Redundancy
4:00  5:00Developing in Visual Studio
Microsoft Visual Studio provides the ultimate integrated development environment for all types of Synergy development. In this presentation we will demonstrate many of the advanced development features of Visual Studio, and if you’re not already using it, will show you why you should be considering migrating your development environments to use it.
5:00  6:30Reception
Meet and connect with our presenters over a beverage and a bite to eat.

Subject Matter Experts

Jeff Greene

Principal Engineer

Jeff joined Synergex in 2006 and he brought his passion for open source and standards-based technologies with him. His first contribution to our product suite was Synergy DBL Integration for Visual Studio, for which he architected and implemented items involving Intellisense, debugging, and migration tools. He championed the importance of running Synergy on .NET Core and was the lead developer of that project. Jeff has been instrumental in Synergex’s embrace of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and standards-based technologies.

Steve Ives

Senior Consultant

Steve formally joined the Synergex Professional Services group in 1997. Having held the position of Senior Consultant for over 20 years, Steve has assisted many Synergy developers to architect, design and implement a wide variety of software projects. Each of these projects involves Synergy/DE in some way, and many involve a wide range of other development languages and technologies. In recent years, Steve has been a major contributor to several Synergy-related open source development projects, including CodeGen and Harmony Core.


Tech Days, free with your DevPartner subscription, are focused on adding significant value and productivity for your Synergy developers. It’s also a great opportunity for your whole dev team, especially those who haven’t been to the DevPartner Conference, to get to know our team at Synergex.

By attending this focused, one-day meeting, you’ll get up to speed on Synergy/DE and learn what you can do right now to make your applications more cutting-edge and powerful.

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