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“Since coming back from the Synergy Language Essentials class, I was able to eliminate the ‘random features’ I seemed to add to my code. Instead, I’m finding some coding shortcuts and many things I’d like to improve in our existing code.”

Joseph Leech
Norman G. Jensen Inc.

“Using Synergex Education Services cut our training time in half! It expedites the entire training process… Even if your company uses Synergex one time for training purposes, the value is still there. If nothing else, you will have Synergy-trained employees who can teach new hires if necessary. We can now use the same teaching processes that Synergex taught us instead of letting new hires learn the language on their own. This has been an ultimate advantage to us!”

Jim McKenney
Computers Unlimited

“By far, the most outstanding part to the course has been our instructor. His knowledge of all Synergex products was perfect. His presentation of all the different chapters was just right.… Before attending the Synergy/DE UI Toolkit Essentials course, I had no experience with any type of process-driven programming. By the end of the class—only five days later—I couldn’t believe how confident I was. I am ready to start planning some big improvements for my own company’s computer system.”

Jay Singleton
California Products Corporation

“Synergex Webucation is an incredibly valuable tool for developers. It provides a great overview of the topic at hand as well as the ability to interact and ask questions of not only the instructor but also fellow classmates—and all without the expense of traveling to a seminar or conference site. It would be worth paying for, but its free cost makes it a ‘no-brainer’ to attend.”

Tony Clayton
GoldStar Trust Company