Synergex Through the Years

In 1976, Synergex was founded under the name Digital Information Systems Corporation (DISC) as a DEC business product OEM. DISC originally sold business systems comprised of DEC hardware, DEC CPUs, other DEC-supplied components (like printers), the DIBOL business language, and customized business software written in DIBOL.

Ken Lidster (now Synergex’s Chairman of the Board) and Mike Morrissey joined the company about a year later, as the company was facing the challenge of staying competitive while being tied to DEC-only systems. They could assemble cheaper systems with third-party hardware and DEC CPUs, but those systems didn’t have the DIBOL language (because DIBOL was owned by DEC’s business product group, who only sold it with DEC systems). Another obstacle was having to update the business software and their application customizations every time DEC released a new kit. So in 1978, using the DIBOL manual as a guide, they created a new, portable language that they named DBL (Data Business Language). An application written in any version of DIBOL could then run on any system with a DEC CPU simply by recompiling and relinking with DBL. DISC began licensing DBL to other OEMs and third-party hardware vendors and quickly realized that DBL was the only product the company sold that was making a profit. At this point, they changed course and wisely got out of the hardware business!

Over the years, Synergex became the first company to enable developers to migrate their applications from a proprietary environment to TSX, VMS, Unix/Xenix, and MS-DOS, then to Windows and Linux, and later to .NET and mobile devices. In 2016, we proudly celebrated our 40th year in business—still committed to portability, providing access to emerging technologies, and enabling continued success for our customers by helping them to retain and build on the significant investment they’ve made in their applications.

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