August 31, 2016

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Calling Synergy DBL Users in Europe!
Pick a Version, Any Version
Tech Tip: Unexpected "Login Failed or MaxUser" Error on xfServerPlus System
Replicating Data to SQL Server
CodeGen 5.1.4 Released
Upcoming Office Closure
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Calling Synergy DBL Users in Europe!

Make sure you are getting the most out of your Synergy/DE tools and technologies

Join us at one of our upcoming UK user group meetings to learn about all the technologies available to modernize your Synergy applications.

October 18: Hilton Reading
October 20: Hilton Manchester Airport

The latest version of Synergy/DE provides a path to mobile devices and delivers many features and improvements for creating both .NET and traditional Synergy applications. Not only does 10.3.3 support Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2015, it also supplies enhanced security through encryption as well as initial support for developing UWP apps. Plus, you can now develop traditional Synergy applications in the Visual Studio development environment, which gives you access to the extensive developer tools available with Visual Studio.

By attending one of these focused, one-day meetings, you’ll get up to speed on Synergy/DE and learn how to quickly add value to your applications. Our Senior Professional Services Consultant and our Synergex Technology Evangelist will spend the day highlighting the latest Synergy/DE features and answering your questions.

Visit our website for more information.

Pick a Version, Any Version

Targeting an earlier version of the runtime in traditional Synergy

Are your customers on different versions of Synergy? Do you have to use separate development machines to target different Synergy versions? Since version 10.3, the “Target Synergy runtime” option in Visual Studio has been available for Synergy .NET, but now in 10.3.3 there’s a compiler switch, -qrntcompat, that gives you the same functionality for traditional Synergy.


Tech Tip: Unexpected “Login Failed or MaxUser” Error on xfServerPlus System

Recently, a customer's xfNetLink .NET / xfServerPlus system that had been functioning without issue unexpectedly started to produce a "Login failed or MaxUser" error on connection. No changes had been made to the system, no firewall was involved, and there were ample free licenses available. Running xfspltsts.dbr on the server itself returned the same error.

We found that this error occurred because the account used to run xfServerPlus sessions could no longer log into the server. If you encounter this issue, examine the account. If the account is local, go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Local Users and Groups > Users. For a domain account, check under Active Directory. If the problem is that the password has expired, set the "Password never expires" option.

Replicating Data to SQL Server

For some time now we have published various examples that demonstrate how to replicate ISAM data to a relational database such as SQL Server in near to real time. Until now, however, all these examples have required that you modify the ISAM files by adding a "replication key" field and a corresponding key to each file. Generally this new field and key would be populated with a timestamp value that was unique to each record in the file. While this technique guarantees that every ISAM file can be replicated, it is difficult to implement because the record layout and key configuration of each ISAM file needs to be changed.

Read more in the Synergex blog.

CodeGen 5.1.4 Released

We are pleased to announce that we have just released CodeGen V5.1.4. The main change in this version is an alteration to the way CodeGen maps Synergy time fields.

Read more in the Synergex blog.

Upcoming Office Closure

Please note that Synergex will be closed from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM Pacific Time on Friday, September 2, for our annual company raft trip / picnic. Synergex will also be closed Monday, September 5, for Labor Day. If you anticipate needing our services at these times, please let us know. For emergency support and licensing requirements during this time, call 916-853-0373.

Industry News

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