February 25, 2016

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A Sneak Peek at the Synergy DevPartner Conference
The Writing Is on the Wall! Join Our 2016 Calendar Game!
Sign of the Times: Improved Ordering with DocuSign
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A Sneak Peek at the Synergy DevPartner Conference

2016 DevPartner Conference May 23-27 | Washington, D.C.

Turnkey Computer Systems to demo new UWP app based on industry-leading Synergy application

Turnkey Computer Systems, LLC is the leading supplier of management and accounting systems to the cattle feeding industry. Following the 2015 Synergy DevPartner Conference, Turnkey enlisted the help of keynote speaker Billy Hollis along with the Synergex Professional Services Group to develop a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app that would leverage their existing Synergy code and feature a XAML UI. The result is impressive. Turnkey developed Interactive Yard Maps, an app that overlays feed yard images with data, providing an invaluable visual reference for users. Because it's a UWP app, it has the potential to run on any Windows 10 device, and Turnkey plans to deploy it on Windows tablets for real-time data review and collection. Don’t miss Turnkey’s live demo at the 2016 Synergy DevPartner Conference!


The Writing Is on the Wall!

You can’t win unless you play—join our 2016 calendar game!

Now that you’ve been gazing at your Synergex wall calendar for almost two months,* you’re fully equipped to win a cool prize in our calendar contest. Visit us on Facebook or Twitter, Like/Follow us if you haven’t already, and join the challenge!

The contest

Take a close look at your Synergex calendar. We’ve been posting questions about the calendar each Friday (since February 12) on Facebook and Twitter. To participate in the contest Like and/or Follow Synergex, and then enter your answer to the posted questions in the comments. Each answer you submit (limit one per question) will be entered into a drawing at the end of the contest on March 7, and the winner will receive his/her choice of either an Apple Watch OR a Microsoft Band and a $150 Visa gift card!

Note: Your answer does not have to be correct to count! For example, answers to Question 1 have ranged from “15” to “eleventy”.  And, you have until March 7 to answer any of the questions.

GET BONUS POINTS! To earn an extra FIVE entries into the drawing, post a picture of yourself in front of your Synergex calendar in the comments. Also, keep on the lookout for a bonus question that will be worth TWO entries! Good Luck!

*Didn’t receive a 2016 Synergex calendar? Let us know right away so we can send you one.


Sign of the Times: Improved Ordering with DocuSign

We’ve made an improvement to our ordering and renewal processes this year. When you place an order or renew a license, we now send you the Order Schedule or renewal notice via DocuSign for you to sign electronically. DocuSign is an industry-leading “digital transaction management” service that makes it easy to securely send, sign, and manage documents. This new process applies to all Synergy/DE orders, including orders for new licenses, additional users or products on existing licenses, license renewals, and DevPartner subscriptions and renewals.

The first time you use DocuSign, you’ll create a signature. You can choose from one of ten styles provided by DocuSign, or draw your signature and initials freehand using your mouse. Alternatively, you can upload a graphics file that contains your signature and initials to use in all of your signing sessions.

Once you have your signature, each time you receive a document to DocuSign, simply follow the DocuSign tabs in your document, click Finish, and you’re done.

Plus, when you use the DocuSign mobile app, you can sign documents anywhere, anytime, and on any device!


Our employees send in facts/jokes/tidbits that might be interesting to Synergy-e-News subscribers. These were provided by Steve Ives, Sr. Professional Services Consultant.

Q: What is the object-oriented way to become wealthy?
A: Inheritance

Q: Why do software developers get Christmas and Halloween mixed up?
A: Because DEC 25 == OCT 31

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