April 24, 2014

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Synergy DevPartner Conference Customer Demo
The DevPartner Conference: There's No "One-Way" About It
Synergex Achieves Microsoft Gold Application Development Competency for 9th Year
Out of Scope, but Not Out of Mind
TECH TIP: Workbench no longer appears on Start screen
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Synergy DevPartner Conference Customer Demo:

Synergex Customer Automated Systems Inc. to Demo How They Gave Their Application a Dramatic Facelift, Leveraging Their Proven Logic and Code

Company expects to double sales as a result of the updated product

Attend the 2014 Synergy DevPartner Conference in Chicago, and see how ASI took their application

from here
to here

while retaining their existing logic AND meeting their deadline.

Automated Systems Inc. (ASI) is ranked as a Top 10 Core Vendor for Community Banking. (source: Inntron.com – The international authority for Core Banking systems, vendors and markets)

Since 1981, Automated Systems’ Insite application has been successfully addressing the needs of community banks. However, the product was suffering from increasing maintenance costs, quality challenges, and market competition of an aging product in need of both an interior and exterior facelift. The challenge was to come up with a plan that allowed for a phased release, so the company could realize quick time to market and achieve some immediate cost and quality benefits. They needed to accomplish all of this without alienating their existing customer base, who, while fiercely loyal, was highly resistant to change.

At the 2014 Synergy DevPartner Conference in Chicago, Automated Systems will demonstrate how they leveraged Synergy/DE, and especially Synergy .NET, to redesign the interface of their application, while retaining legacy code that provided rich, time-proven functionality—all while meeting what seemed like impossible delivery goals. Of paramount importance was the need to retain the rich legacy their customers had become accustomed to. During the demonstration, ASI will also highlight how they were able to make fundamental changes to their core system without modifying the ancillary products their application talks to.

Automated Systems began demoing their new product last November and plans to double the number of customers they will pick up this year.

To view the entire conference agenda, and to register, visit http://conference.synergex.com.

UK customer demo to be announced soon – stay tuned to Synergy-e-News and to Twitter for details.

The DevPartner Conference: There's No "One-Way" About It

Read the latest blog post from Synergex president William Mooney

With the 2014 Synergy DevPartner Conference right around the corner, I have been doing some reflecting on how our mission statement, “Advancing Applications. Partnering for Success,” applies to the conference. On the surface, a conference seems like a one-way conversation: the conference host presents information to attendees, who (hopefully) absorb it. However, over the past 28 years (!) of hosting the DevPartner Conference (formerly SPC), I have come to really appreciate the element of partnership involved in the DevPartner Conference—a partnership that transforms a few days of knowledge transfer into enduring business success.

Read the rest of the blog

Synergex Achieves Microsoft Gold Application Development Competency for 9th Year

Achievement puts Synergex within the top 1% of Microsoft’s partner ecosystem

Sacramento, CA – March 6, 2014 – Synergex International Corp., provider of business software development solutions worldwide, announced that it has successfully renewed its membership in the Microsoft Partner Network for the ninth year in a row. Synergex once again earned a Gold Competency (Application Development), demonstrating technology success and customer commitment, and distinguishing itself within the top one percent of Microsoft’s partner ecosystem.

Read the rest of the press release.

Out of Scope, but Not Out of Mind

By Galen Carpenter, Sr. System Software Engineer

Synergy DBL is a very flexible language. This is almost always a good thing, because it gives you a huge range of options as you develop your applications. However, this same flexibility can also allow you to write code with unforeseen consequences. The compiler has been enhanced to point out many coding problems, but it does not prevent all bad coding practices at runtime. A few of these runtime problems can occur when using SQL Connection or the routine call block API and the memory attached to the usage of these goes out of scope.

Read the rest of the article.

TECH TIP: Workbench no longer appears on Start screen

I can't find Workbench on the Start screen any more. What happened?

On Windows 8.1, the Workbench tile is not automatically installed to the Start screen. However, it does appear in the list of items that can be added to the Start screen, so you can pin it there yourself. Follow Microsoft's instructions for pinning apps to your Start screen.

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