Testing xfServerPlus

The xfspltst program checks that xfServerPlus is running properly. This program makes calls to a test ELB or shared image named xfpl_tst, which is distributed with xfServerPlus. There are entries in the SMC for use by the test programs. (These are the methods in the xfTest interface in the distributed SMC.) These methods and the ELB must be present to use the test program.


If the methods in the xfTest interface are not present in your SMC, you can import them from the defaultsmc.xml file. See Importing and exporting methods.

There are also test programs for the xfNetLink clients. If you run one of the xfNetLink test programs and it fails, running xfspltst can tell you if the problem is on the xfServerPlus side or the xfNetLink side. Refer to the topic for your xfNetLink client:

To run the xfspltst program

1. Make sure xfServerPlus has been started.
2. For Windows and UNIX, on the machine running xfServerPlus, enter
dbr DBLDIR:xfspltst hostName hostPort

where hostName is the name or IP address of the xfServerPlus machine and hostPort is the port that xfServerPlus is running on.

On OpenVMS, you must define xfspltst as a foreign command and then execute it. On the machine running xfServerPlus, enter

$ XFSPLTST hostName hostPort

As the test runs, information is printed to the screen and written to the xfspltst.log file, located in the directory from which you ran the test. If any tests were unsuccessful, check xfspltst.log for more information; the error message should give you a clue as to what the problem is. If you cannot resolve the problem, call Synergy/DE Developer Support. Be sure to save the xfspltst.log file; your Developer Support engineer needs the information in this file to help you.