What is Synergy/DE?

Synergy/DE is a full suite of development tools that provides everything you need to create powerful, event-driven business applications. It includes tools to write and process your applications, design and support your user interface, manage your data from one central location, and create comprehensive reports.

An underlying philosophy

If you were building a house, you would need many tools, ranging from the very basic to the very powerful. Having these tools readily available would reduce the time and maximize the efficiency with which you could complete the job. This same principle applies to developing a business application: Well-chosen, accessible tools make the job a lot easier. Using the right tool for the right job is the fundamental philosophy of Synergy/DE. Using Synergy/DE, you can focus most of your resources on your vertical or custom application, because Synergy/DE takes care of your systems-level development.

Synergex also believes that the operational characteristics of a programming language should remain consistent across operating environments. Synergy DBL enables you to program on one system and then move your programs to other systems easily: you need only recompile and relink to run the programs on the new system. The only time you’ll need to change a program is if you designed your original applications expressly for a particular operating system and relied on facilities only available on that system.

Advantages of Synergy/DE

Synergy/DE enables you to

Elements of Synergy/DE

The following Synergy products comprise Synergy/DE.

Professional Series

Both Professional Series Workbench and Professional Series Development Environment include the components listed below. In addition, Professional Series Workbench provides an interface that not only launches all of these components but features a Synergy DBL–sensitive visual editor as well as project management tools. (Professional Series Workbench is only available on Windows.)

Synergy DBL

Synergy DBL, a high-level business programming language that encourages structured, system-independent, modular code, is the fundamental component of Synergy/DE. Beyond the basic statements that specify processing to be performed, Synergy DBL includes a large number of prewritten external subroutines and functions, a source-level debugger, graphical user interface support, and a fast and efficient system-independent file structure.

Synergy DBMS

The Synergy DBMS system includes everything needed to create and manage high-speed, keyed access and ordered sequential access databases.

UI Toolkit

UI Toolkit gives you all you need to create your application’s user interface, including an extensive set of subroutines to handle your environment maintenance and menu, input, text, selection, and list processing.

Composer (Windows only)

Composer is an interactive user-interface design tool. You “draw” windows and input windows just the way you like, graphically assigning properties that are immediately reflected on your screen, and Composer generates the appropriate script commands to define your objects. Composer also accepts predefined input windows and fields from Repository, so you can view and modify them graphically.


Repository is the tool you use to define and maintain the data that will be used in your application or in reports that can be created with Synergy/DE ReportWriter or xfODBC. It provides a method of managing data structures and fields in one centralized location, so that you can modify a field throughout your application simply by changing one definition in your repository.


ReportWriter is an end-user application that retrieves, integrates, and consolidates data into columnar, ad hoc reports. You can customize and include ReportWriter as part of your application, either predefining reports for your customers to run or enabling them to design their own reports.

Synergy Runtime

Synergy Runtime supports the actions requested by your Synergy/DE applications during execution.

Connectivity Series

SQL Connection and Synergy database drivers

SQL Connection is Synergy/DE’s SQL API that works in conjunction with the appropriate database driver to enable a Synergy application to access SQL data sources (typically RDBMSs). Synergy/DE provides database drivers that enable SQL Connection access to popular databases such as Oracle and SQL Server.

SQL OpenNet

SQL OpenNet provides the middleware needed if your Synergy SQL application will be accessing remote RDBMSs (residing on a remote computer on your network).


xfODBC opens Synergy DBMS data to any third-party, 32-bit ODBC application. It supports version 2.5 of the ODBC API (level 1) and uses SQL OpenNet for remote data access.



xfServer processes network client requests for Synergy DBMS data. Residing on the same computer as the Synergy databases, the server can serve data to any Synergy application running with a Synergy runtime (version 6.1 and higher).


xfServerPlus handles the remote execution of Synergy routines. in conjunction with xfNetLink.


xfNetLink provides three methods for accessing Synergy logic:

Developing an application

Figure 1 illustrates how you can use Professional Series to develop your application.

1. Developing an application with Synergy/DE.

Choosing a development environment

When developing in Synergy/DE, you have several choices for your development environment: