System components

The primary components of Synergy DBL are as follows:


The compiler translates your source files containing Synergy DBL statements into object files containing system-level information (in traditional Synergy) or assemblies (in Synergy .NET). See Building and Running Synergy Applications for information on compiling traditional Synergy applications and Compile page of Visual Studio project properties for information on compiler options for Synergy .NET.


(traditional Synergy only) The linker combines the object files created by the compiler to produce executable code files. Building and Running Synergy Applications contains information about linking object files on your operating system.


(traditional Synergy only) The librarian creates and maintains object libraries. See Building and Running Synergy Applications for information about the librarian.


(traditional Synergy only) The Synergy runtime executes the actions requested by your Synergy programs. Instructions for invoking the runtime are provided in Building and Running Synergy Applications.

External subroutine, intrinsic function libraries, and APIs

Synergy DBL includes a collection of external subroutines, intrinsic functions, and APIs. The external subroutines and intrinsic functions are described in System-Supplied Subroutines and Functions.

Indexed Sequential Access Method (ISAM)

ISAM provides a powerful file structure that allows keyed as well as sequential record processing. Synergy DBL includes a segmented, multiple-key ISAM system that reuses released data space, eliminating the need for frequent ISAM file reorganization. (Synergy ISAM file structure and utilities are described in Synergy DBMS.)

Source-level debugger

(traditional Synergy only) The symbolic source-level debugger enables programs to run in a debugging mode, which is useful during program development or when a problem is discovered in a production program. This productivity tool helps you to better understand program behavior. (See Debugging Synergy Programs for more information about the debugger.)

C language interfacing

(traditional Synergy only) The Synergy DBL C interface enables Synergy DBL routines to call C language routines and vice versa. (For more information on accessing C language routines from your Synergy DBL programs, see Synergy DBL C Interface.)