Synergy DBL Language Reference

Version 10.3.3

This manual is your complete reference guide to Synergy DBL. It is written for those users who are already familiar with programming, although not necessarily with Synergy DBL.

The information in this manual applies to all operating systems on which Synergy DBL is available, unless otherwise noted. You will be able to create system‑independent programs using this manual. For additional information about system‑specific characteristics, refer to the Professional Series Portability Guide.


Introducing Synergy DBL

Defining Data


Synergy DBL Statements

Preprocessor and Compiler Directives

Error Handling

Understanding Routines

Understanding Objects and Classes

System-Supplied Subroutines and Functions

System-Supplied Classes

Synergy ActiveX API

Synergy DLL API

Synergy Floating Point API

Synergy HTTP Document Transport API

Synergy Symbol Table API

Synergy Routine Call Block API

Synergy Socket API

Synergy Windows Printing API

Synergy XML API

Synergy Windowing API

Synergy .NET Assembly API

Synergy DBL C Interface

Appendix A: Maximums

Appendix B: ASCII Character Set

Appendix C: Terminal Keys with Special Functions