Understanding Objects and Classes

Synergy DBL supports both structured and object‑oriented programming styles. As the name suggests, object‑oriented programming uses objects as the building blocks to create applications. An object is a independent component that contains properties (what the object knows) and methods (what the object can do). A class is a template for building a specific type of object.

create a class, members that can be part of a class, including methods, subroutines, functions, structures, records, groups, fields, properties, indexers, delegates, events, nested classes, operators, constructors, and destructors. Generic types, attributes. Creating an instance of a class and how it’s destroyed. Extending a class. Public, protected, private, internal, protected internal. Casting and boxing.



Class members

Generic types (.NET)

Attributes (.NET)

Instantiation and destruction

Inheriting class functionality and data




Sample object code